Indoor Air Quality / Mold

/ IAQ Investigations

Compass Environmental has conducted IAQ investigations in commercial office buildings, warehouse facilities, federal and state archives buildings, aircraft maintenance facilities, hospitals, and manufacturing facilities.

The professionals of Compass Environmental have years of experience with mold and other bioaerosols in facilities. They are routinely hired by facility managers and insurance companies to assist in evaluating concerns and claims resulting from water intrusion.

Based on the needs of our clients these IAQ investigations may include:

  • Interview of those with concerns to determine if common symptoms exist.
  • Review of mechanical drawings and floor plans to establish areas with common air supplies.
  • Review of maintenance records for air handling systems and cooling towers.
  • Close inspection of the heating, ventilating and air-conditioning system(s) (HVAC) to assess maintenance and if visible mold or microbial growth is present
  • A walk through of the building to identify potential contaminants from processes, building materials, or storage areas
  • Mold assessment and/or moisture evaluation.
  • Basic measurements of carbon dioxide, temperature, humidity, and air velocity
    If a specific chemical source is suspected, such as formaldehyde, target sampling may be recommended.
  • In addition to target sampling for suspect chemicals, Compass Environmental also has extensive experience in evaluating microbial contamination using bioaerosol sampling, swab and bulk sampling techniques.